the Yard of Our Dream

«Nickel is a small steel border town village in the Murmansk Region. Yet, we who live there like it a lot and really want to make it bright, beautiful, cozy, and comfortable.

When Norilsk Nickel launched a social project competition in February 2014, our local administration and Municipal Unitary Enterprise “Pechenga” helped us draft the application. Our team took part in the competition and – oh wonder! The yard redevelopment project was among the winners.

Nickel is the home of more than 2 thousand children, and that is why the project is mainly aimed at them. That is why the first thing was a drawing contest “The Yard through the Eyes of the Children.” Of 37 kids who took part in it, the jury selected 10 winners who received diplomas and gifts. ...

Yekaterina V. Tonkopy

We Will Live!

«My work is associated with industrial environmental studies and I have firsthand knowledge of the environmental projects of Norilsk Nickel. I know that they have implemented measures to reduce sulfur dioxide emissions, effluent treatment, and a host of other projects aimed at mitigating their environmental impact. Norilsk has a long line of environmental issues, which are not that easy to resolve in such a short period of time. Yet, I am positive that the environmental balance will be restored.

I moved here twenty years ago after graduating from university. When I compare the current environmental situation with the one back then, I can say with confidence the air has become cleaner. ...

Yelena A. Gulan

Above All

«In 2014, the City on Wheels Project was one of the winners at the grant competition of the World of New Opportunities charity program supported by Norilsk Nickel. The Project offered to the Norilsk Industrial District is aimed at reducing road traffic injuries among road users of all categories and ages.

The Company did not only give financial assistance to our project but also provided invaluable managerial support in the communication with various local agencies and businesses helping us with civil works.

The budget obtained from the Company was spent on building an AutoCity in Dudinka, Peschanaya Str. covering a total area of 600 sq. m. that precisely simulates actual road conditions: with traffic lights, intersections, barriers, road signs, electrical and recumbent bikes. The AutoCity is built in open air which enables the participants to understand traffic rules fully immersing in the local climate and weather conditions. ...

Mikhail V. Adnadvortsev

on Results

«The strong financial results of Norilsk Nickel in 2014 are due to several main reasons.

Our new strategy is consistently being implemented at all levels, from top management to production and procurement businesses and divisions. We strive to increase productivity and return on investment; cost reduction and net floating capital decrease. Within two years, the net floating capital was practically cut by four to reach the level of USD 1.1 billion.

Despite the unfavorable market conditions, the past year saw successful refinancing of almost a third of the Group's debt. Bilateral long-term credit facilities came mainly from foreign banks totaling about 2 billion US dollars. Due to the maximization of the free cash flow (81% to 2013), the net debt is still low. ...

Artyom V. Pozdnyakov

the Potential of Taymyr

«The Taymyr Peninsula is one of the least known Russian territories from a geological standpoint. Yet, the things we already know about the deposits of industrial minerals allow us to suggest that the resource potential of Taymyr is significant on a global scale.

Pursuant to Russian law, any company which discovers a new deposit has the primary right to enter it in its books and obtain the development license. That is why Norilsk Nickel emphasizes the importance of surveys. An example of a successful survey project is the discovery of one of the major global platinum-copper-and-nickel Maslovsky Deposit in 2009 and obtaining the development license. ...

Alexander V. Dmitrenko

with the Company

«My vocation had been predetermined in childhood. As a kid, I was fond of technology and electronics, repairing TV remote controls and irons was just a piece of cake for me, and my favorite subjects at school were physics and maths. Right after school, I studied at Monchegorsk Lyceum No. 5. I majored as an I&C mechanic, started work for Kola MMC–I still work for them today. I had a great mentor, Second Class Electric Engineer Alexey Tsipilev. All I know in my profession I learned from him. If I have any issues concerning complex industry tasks, I often turn to him, even today.

I am being promoted to class 6 at my job at the moment. One of my recent, and I think the most important professional achievements, is that I have been entrusted with the post of deputy electromechanical engineer. I am the youngest employee in the shop, and I still have a long road in front of me. I will go down this road at Kola MMC. Why? I just like my job, I like my team, and I like the company I work for. The social safety net offered to the employees is at a very high level. They provide good vacations and resort programs. ...

Yelena S. Aslanidi